Northeast Brazil is the Place to Invest

Compare the options:

Europe: typically requires a €500,000 investment

USA: minimum investment of $900.000 PLUS creation of at least 10 jobs

Canada: minimum of CAD1,200,000

Australia: at least AUD 800,000

South and Central America: there are some options, but you cannot overlook Brazil – the largest country in S America (bigger than contiguous USA or all the countries in the EU combined). Huge resources, dynamic population, largely stable, and does not like fighting in wars.

For a long time Brazil has been on the cusp of becoming a first world country, and is right on the path of progress – so a great time to invest.

One of the least known and newest “Golden Visas” is offered by Brazil – in return for an investment of just 1 million reais. Additionally, unlike some countries that require minimum periods of residence after granting, Brazil simply requires you to return for a quick visit once a year to renew if not already residing here.

But the best is still to come:

Invest in Northeast Brazil, and you can receive a 30% discount on this figure, ie invest at least R$700,000 (currently around £93,000, $127,000, €110,000), and you will qualify.

The coast in NE Brazil between Salvador in the south, and Fortaleza in the north, is renowned for having the best year-round weather in Brazil, with no natural disasters like hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes, etc.

Of course, you can invest anywhere in NE Brazil, but we highly recommend the tropical island of Itamaracá, about an hour north of the international airport in Recife and connected to the mainland by a long road bridge – smack in the middle of the NE coast.

Currently largely undiscovered by international tourism, and with large areas of protected rainforest and industry banned, it is perfect for investments – and is amazingly affordable.

On the island of Itamaracá you will probably have to make more than one investment to qualify, even at the lower discounted rate…

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