Local, Trustworthy Partnership in Brazil

PlanB-Brazil is a partnership of trustworthy English-speaking immigration experts, real estate professionals and experienced property managers, who have come together to offer a complete package for a Plan B investment in Brazil.

Based in NE Brazil (although your investment could be anywhere in the country), they have the experience and knowledge to guide and advise you every step of the way, so you can have complete confidence in the process.

Although your intention may be to make use of your Plan B at some time in the future, why not benefit from some rental income in the meantime, even if only to cover ongoing costs or visits?

What you choose to invest in now is largely arbitrary, so long as you meet the minimum requirements. You can sell and re-invest, so you may choose income producing properties now, and then sell and buy something else when the time is right for you.

Either way, we have the local knowledge to know what to buy now, and what to do with it.