The Time is Right NOW

‘Strike while the iron is hot’ – everything is perfectly aligned right now.

In international real estate investment terms, this means use exchange rates to your advantage, use any discounts available to you and step into the path of progress. Although the objective here is to obtain a Plan B residency for your future, it makes sense to invest wisely to maximise returns and capital appreciation.

Consider this: today R$700,000 is around £93,000, $127,000 or €110,000. But just 5 years ago, the exchange rates were not so much in your favour and this same value would have cost you about double, £184,000, $230,000 or €217,000 – that is a huge buying factor in your favour right now!

And what if, many years down the road, you decide against talking up your Plan B? Sell your investment. Because you will have invested at the perfect time, and in a location ripe for growth, you should be very pleased with the returns…